About ICU

ICU is an Institution of high standard in the sphere of religious education among the third world countries and is helpful in the Lord’s work. You'll find diversity at International Christain University.

Tenents Of Faith

ICU though nondenominational, strictly believes and adheres to the following tenets of faith, which are excerpts from the constitution and bye-law of International Christian University.

Episcopal Ministry

This ministry is divinely inspired to reach out to all who are in need and have no hope in life. This ministry will restore hope and happiness to people living with HIV, terminal diseases and drug adicts.

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Why International Christain University

Academic Excellence

ICU has always been known for keeping to the highest standard when it comes to academics. You'll learn from faculty who are the experts in their fields—they're the ones who write the books you may already be reading! But no one here is in an ivory tower. Our faculty come right alongside their students and want to see them grow.

Unmatched Diversity

You'll find diversity at International Christain University like nowhere else. Be stretched as you get to know fellow students from other countries and with an endless variety of vocational dreams. International Christain University offers you a diversity of options for pursuing your dreams.

Courageous Spirit

Curious, entrepreneurial, engaging, courageous: that is International Christain University. We're not afraid to ask hard questions, dialogue when we disagree, and explore new ideas. From our seminary's very beginnings we've pushed the boundaries of cultural engagement as we ask what it means to be in the world but not of it. Join our community and you'll learn to listen, wrestle, and come away stronger.

Focus on Christ

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is at the foundation of all we do. We like to challenge and question and explore but always, always remaining rooted in God's unchanging Word. Whether you're studying children at risk or family therapy or film and culture, you will find a solid biblical grounding in every course you take at International Christain University.